Targhee Standards

Lamb Production

Targhee ewes have good mothering and milking ability. Mature Targhee ewes raise a high percentage of twins under range conditions. Targhee ewes excel in pounds of lamb weaned per ewe bred. Lambs at weaning should be thick and in good body condition.


Fleece Production

Mature Targhee ewes shear heavy fleeces with a yield of 5 or 6 pounds of clean scoured wool (10 to 12 pounds of grease wool). Mature Targhee rams shear 8 to 11 pounds of clean scoured wool (16 to 22 pounds of grease wool). Twelve months growth of wool should exceed three inches in length. Desirable Targhee wool is 24.94 to 22.05 microns (@ 60’s to 62’s in spinning count or half blood). The coarsest acceptable micron on the side is 26.39 (58’s). Sheep finer than 22.04 (64’s) are acceptable with sufficient staple length. Fleeces should not vary more than 2.88 microns (2 spinning counts) from side to britch, with 27.84 (56’s) the coarsest acceptable britch. Fleeces should be dense, uniform, and attractive in character.



The Targhee type is broad and smooth with a level top. The rump and leg are well muscled and developed. The ideal Targhee is thick, deep-bodied and free from skin folds.


Size and Weight

The Targhee is a large sheep.  Mature rams weigh from 200 to 300 pounds. Breeding ewes weigh from 140 to 200 pounds, depending on feed conditions.



Targhee sheep are a polled (naturally hornless) breed. The horn socket shall be free of any growth that is attached to the skull. Targhees have a bold, strong head type with open faces that are free from wool blindness.


Feet and Legs

The legs are straight with heavy bone. The pasterns are strong and straight.



The color is white and no black or brown color in the fleece will be tolerated. The occurrence of small amounts of black and brown pigment on the face, ears, feet or lower legs is tolerated, but large amounts of color are objectionable. Any pigment spot should be no larger than the size of a quarter.

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