Association Membership

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  • Membership fee is $26 for a lifetime membership + a $10 annual fee – due with the 1st registrations of the year.
  • Memberships are not required for bona-fide FFA or 4-H members to register sheep at member’s rates unless young people intend to show and sell animals at the National Show & Sale.
  • There is an additional charge of $2 per head ($3 for non-members) to register any animal over two years of age.
  • If return of Registration Certificate is required within 21 days of the date mailed, a “RUSH” fee of double the normal fee is charged. Write “RUSH” on the envelope and application.
  • Transfer fees, if recorded more than 45 days from the date of sale, are doubled.
  • The U.S. Targhee Sheep Association recommends inspection for registration take place at approximately 1 year of age.

Download Membership Application

Send Email to Jackie McMartin to request the Membership Application in the Excel format.

Download USTSA Registration Application

Send Email to Jackie McMartin to request the Registration Application in the Excel format.

Item Members Non-Members
Ram Registration $6 $11
Ewe Registration $5 $9
All Transfers $5 $9
Annual Fee $10/year $10/year
Duplicate Certificates $4/year $7/year
Duplicate Association Ear Tags $3/year $5/year
Extended Pedigree – Three Generation $4/year $7/year
Extended Pedigree – Five Generation $7/year $10/year


U.S. Targhee Sheep Association
105 S. Eastern Ave.
Hartford, SD 57033

Contact: Jackie McMartin
Phone: 605-553-3331