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2020 Targhee Starter Flock

The U.S. Targhee Sheep Association (USTSA) will again, for the 12th straight year, be offering a free registered Targhee Starter flock to a deserving youth at the 2020 USTSA National Show and Sale, held July 16-18, 2020, in Redfield, South Dakota.  In previous years, the generous members of the USTSA have awarded 18 starter flocks, totaling 60 head of sheep, and have also donated almost $13,000 towards buyers credits for the award winners to purchase additional sheep at USTSA national sales.  The winner must be present to receive the flock and will be awarded one (1) ewe lamb, one (1) yearling ewe, and one (1) brood ewe donated by members of the USTSA.  Each animal will be a USTSA registered animal, and at least QR in Scrapie Codon 171 genotype.  The winner will also receive a $150 credit for use toward purchase of additional animals at the 2019 national sale. 

  Applications, due April 1st, are now available to Download  Here

Targhee Wearables

To place an order, contact Mardy at or 702-292-5715.
Additional sizes and colors may be available upon requests. Inventory is being updated as well.

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